Saturday, December 3, 2016

Dear Mum...

Has it really been 12 years? You were taken so fast...I didnt get to say goodbye! You went on holiday and never came back.There's still a part of me that hasnt quite accepted it. I miss our daily phone chats..and I will always remember what you said to me in that last call

You and Dad loved Christmas so much and you made it so magical for us ...,,even when we had families of our own. The traditions you started are now carried on by your grandchildren...and your great grandson. He's a little star and you would love him to bits! So even tho its a sad time... Im determined to make it as happy as possible. and Dad are loved and missed so much. But Im grateful to know that we will be together again one day. Until then...give Dad a hug from me...and have a wonderful Christmas. YOu are certainly in the best place to celebrate

Lots of Love

p.s. Did you know that the infamous Salmon Sandwich Story is now a real Legend....


  1. What a sad but sweet post today. Cherish your memories of your parents and look to the day you'll be together again.

  2. I can relate. My Mom passed 12 yeas ago, also very unexpectedly. I miss her lots! Nice tribute to your mum!

  3. So sad about your Mum. Tell what is the Legend of the Salmon Sandwich.