Saturday, December 17, 2016

Darling...Happy Anniversary...

Happy Anniversary to the absolute Love of my Life

In the past two years.. we have never had a cross word..
and not many can say that

Thank you for giving me a life full of Love, Laughter and Adventure

I  love you now and for all and eternity

Yours always
Phoebe x


  1. It is wonderful to see a marriage with
    so much love!(Happy Anniversary)

  2. Congratulations to you both !
    And many, many more .....

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love this!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Louis Dean and I have been married for 11 years and never argue or fight. Never. I was 57 when we married and he was 69. Perhaps we were old enough to know better!
    I am loving getting to see your posts and follow you as I get to know you better!!! You are my kind of gal! Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! So glad you two found each other.