Saturday, January 17, 2015

Universal City Walk

I thought we were just going to the market this morning....
but MrD surprised me with a quick trip to the Universal City Walk in Hollywood.

We didn't go in because my daughter will be visiting in a couple of months
 and she really wants to go in, so we will wait for her

but it was so exciting to be there...
I'm so lucky that we live only 30 miles away

It was so great walking along the street

and seeing everything I have only seen on television

I even bumped into a couple of friends..

My favourite shop...
I love socks... the funkier the better

My second favourite shop...I love ice cream
Mr D said the car headlight is broken...
what does he expect with a cow behind the wheel!

Mr D's favourite much candy..
He thought he'd died and gone to Heaven

We could have walked through the dancing fountain..
but I didn't want to get wet
But next time we come...I will definitely be high flying

And in Hollywood...
even the fire hydrants are golden
 Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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