Friday, January 23, 2015

Fridays Fave Five

Its Friday and its time to join Susanna over at Living to Tell the Story for this weeks Fridays Fave Five. I've had a wonderful week...and I have so much to be grateful for. It was hard just choosing five

1. Surprise Outing
Mr D and I took a drive into Hollywood and took a walk down Universal City Walk. I'm so lucky to be living so close.

2. My First Ever Pretzel
To me...pretzels were little, hard, savoury chips....until I got to America and hubby treated me to one. Mr D and I went 'halfs'...and it was delicious

3. Hubbys Gift
Some wives get chocolate...some wives get roses...this wife got a keyring...and I love it 

4. Summer in Winter
Being new to really doesn't feel like Winter. Its warm and sunny and has only rained once or twice since I arrived. While other part of the country are shivering with cold ...I am melting with heat. To walk past our neighbours house and see lemons and grapefruit growing in her front garden is a thrill. I really love it here

5. Pomona Classic Car Show
Im a vintage girl at heart...I swear I was born in the wrong decade. I loved our visit to The Pomona Classic Car Show last weekend. I think I've chosen our next car... smile

Its been such a wonderful week....I can't wait to see what happens next

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. I love your header photo! Is that in your house?

    It sounds like you live in a great place, with the nice temperatures, nearby attractions, and fruit growing in January!

    The keyring is really cute.

  2. Phoebe, you sure make me smile. Yes, friend, politics is way different here. Blessings

  3. I often feel I was born in the wrong decade, too!

    It is a blessing to live in great weather.

    Sounds like you had a great week. I hope you have a lovely weekend as well.

  4. Ok I am just so are married to an American living out on the "wrong" coast ( as my family always says...haha...we are East Coast folk, living in eastern NYS) in CA....where are you originally from? It sounds like your winter is lovely! Today was a high of 34 degrees F for us here....a heat wave for January! HAHA......i love your key ring!! that is an awesome gift...#1 wife. that car is awesome too! my husband would just love it! happy weekend!!

    1. Thank you everyone
      Faith...Im from the Isle of Anglesy...right at the top of Wales. I came here mid Novemebr to marry my lovely Mr D
      Barbara...I wish it was my house..its something I aspire to have when we move next year
      Phoebe x

  5. Hello Pheobe. I find it interesting that you come from Wales. My parental grandfather's family came from Wales. My husband and I go to a Highlands Festival every year.

    I am sure CA is beautiful. I loved seeing all of the lemons on the tree you photographed.

  6. Phoebe! So nice to have you here in So Cal. Yes, our winters feel much more like late spring. Isn't it nice to see trees loaded with fruit in January? What a coincidence -- I just photographed my lemon tree that seems to have more fruit than leaves right now.

  7. You've had a wonderful week! I think that car would be just right for your next car. :)

  8. Love your five! So nice you get to be where it is warm!
    Thank you for visiting me, too!

  9. Hello Phoebe,

    Welcome to CA. I was born in Anaheim and now live near Sacramento. However I have moved 30+times so far!

    My family and I visited Wales and loved it. I hope to go back again for a longer visit someday.

    YUMMM on the pretzels. Did you try mustard? I prefer mine plain.

    Have a great week.

  10. I'm very late getting around to visit FFFs this week.
    I too am living in California--not far from you probably since we can easily drive in to Hollywood--if we ever wanted to. I hope you enjoyed our gentle rain last night and the lovely sunshine again today.