Saturday, January 10, 2015

I'm Not Complaining....I Think

I'm sorry...I really am...and I don't like complaining. And..I am so mindful that many people are cold and suffering with the freezing weather they experiencing right now...


I'm melting!!!

My mother used to say.."ladies don't sweat..they glow". Well...I'm glowing like a pig could be that Im a Welsh girl,  new to California, who has never experienced 70 degree temperatures in January before. Or..maybe its because I am a woman of a certain age, who is now experiencing what she thought she had escaped. Trust me to brag! Whatever it is, I'm not doing well. All the windows are open.. the aircon is on.. the fan is going and I still feel like I'm on fire.

And night times..please don't get me started..  they are the worst. The cartoon below would be funny if it wasn't true. Poor Mr D is under the quilt while I lie on top of the bedcovers..window wide open..sweltering., even tho its cooler outside And heaven forbid he comes close to me..his body heat kills me as he mutters " for the love are burning my skin off" The wuss!! Sneaking off to the freezer to put a bag of frozen peas on my neck at 2am is pure bliss.

I think Heavenly Father has a sense of humour. He waited til I stepped off the plane in the land of 'Eternal Summer'...and shazam!! He set a blazing inferno inside me. My cousin said to look at it like I'm having power surges. Say what? Isnt that dangerous? At any rate...I definitely feel like my circuits are frying
At least its raining here right now a slight relief from the intense heat. I hope this all calms down really soon, and I get used to the California climate...otherwise.. heaven help me in a couple of months time when Summer arrives
Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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  1. Giggling--sorry that is rude of me, isn't it? When we lived in CA many moons ago (hubby was in the military) we did not have air conditioning--I certaintly remember those days. That whole experiance was something else.I am from the south--Florida and Alabama--and CA doesn't have the humidness like they do. Hold on...the nights do cool down. The best listen to close the windows during the daytime, shut the blinds/curtains, keep it dark. When the sun goes down, then open it up. When we moved up here to NY 20 months ago, the summer was 2 weeks of 100*--there is no central air condtioning up here, just window units. We learned really quick what to do. Like you, the "m" word is hitting too. Blessings Phoebe...