Monday, January 26, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

The weekend didn't quite go as expected. Mr D was supposed to get Saturday off from work...but a major breakdown at the plant meant he was called in...and ended up working 13 hours. My poor guy was sooo tired. But.. he was looking forward to going to a Roadster Show in Pomona on Sunday after Church. Until...that is...the car wouldn't start and we couldn't go anywhere. Miraculously started perfectly when he tried it again last evening. I guess we just weren't meant to go anywhere. Still...being at home with my lovely Hubby, going for a walk in the sunshine and watching a couple of movies together was wonderful
So another week...another menu. I know Pork chops are on the menu again...but I think Mr D would go into withdrawal if he didn't get them once a week.
I always make extra Burritos and freeze them. Mr D takes them to work for lunch during the week, as well as any other leftovers
The Pot Pie was made with leftovers last week and frozen so dinner today is easy.
Im cooking extra potatoes on Thursday to make Fridays dinner.
So all in all...quite an easy week.

Weekly Plan - January 26th

Monday             Chicken Pot Pie, Green Beans

Tuesday             Burritos

Wednesday       Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Corn

Thursday          Sticky Barbeque Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Jacket Potatoes

Friday               Twice Baked Jacket Potatoes with Bacon, Salad

Saturday           Homemade Hawaiian Pizza

Sunday              Day out with Hubby


  1. Hi Phoebe--thanks for visiting my blog today--I hope you found some wonderful things while you were out today!

  2. It looks like a good week at your place. My hubby takes leftovers to work too - loves them!