Friday, January 31, 2014

House Hunting...Long Distance

Mr D and I have been having long discussions, mainly about were we will be starting our married life together. The house we have now needs so much doing to it. The more we do...the more needs doing. Mr D really dislikes the time taken for the long drive to and from work. Plus, the truck uses a lot of gas and propane prices are soaring. Also, in a year or so, we will have to move with his work again. Is it really worth ploughing money into somewhere when we are not really happy?

The answer is no. So we have decided to give up the 'Money Pit', move closer to where he works and find somewhere reasonably priced where we can stay til we have to move again

We don't want anywhere fancy, just something nice, comfortable and clean. So for the last couple of weeks, Mr D has been looking for a new home for us to rent. Its been difficult because lots of places wont take a cat...and we wont leave Scruffy behind. He has been sending me emails of different property so we can look at them together. Being five thousand miles apart is no obstacle

Last Monday, we found one we both liked, and applied. What do you know? We were accepted and yesterday Mr D picked up the keys. This weekend he will be moving in. Theres no cable yet so no Superbowl for him...Poor Mr D.

Now I have the fun of choosing what we need and what goes I say five thousand miles is no obstacle

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x



  1. 5,000 miles away? Wow! When my son was accepted to college up here in NY 12 months ago, we house hunted from 1,000 miles away, we had to be here less than 3 months after being accepted to college to establish residency & we currently rent a old house in town. (which is a money pit, but since we only is not our headache, really). --anyways..sorry for rambling..please keep us posted. Praying for you to be settled soon. Blessings

  2. Such a wise decision in only renting at this point! It is refreshing to hear you say that 5,000 miles distance is no obstacle. That is the way I feel about life in get out of it what you put into it. I wish you much happiness in your new temporary home.