Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Sore Point

All my life I have been plagued by cold sores, especially in the winter. Usually I can nip it in the bud, so to speak. As they are caused by a deficiency, taking B6 is a help. When I feel that familiar tingle starting on my mouth, I quickly apply a generous amount of cold sore cream and thats it...sorted.

This year however a rather nasty one sneaked up on me. After suffering from a heavy cold, I woke up to find a dreadful one, right under my nose, a great place to have one when you have the sniffles!!

After suffering with this unsightly beast for a couple of days, and the cold sore cream obviously not doing its job, my good friend suggested her remedy. She made a paste from instant coffee granules ( apparently it has to be instant not fresh ground) and water, which I applied. Wow..did it sting at first, but it soon eased and it actually felt like it was doing something. I spent a couple of days walking around looking like Oliver Hardy, but you really worked. All better...thank you Cynthia.

Here are some other remedies I have been told about...Im not sure if they work, but may be worth a try

Take up 4,000mg of L-lysine during the tingling stage and continue to take daily until cold sore is gone.  Apparently, this will shorten the healing time. Alternatively, crush up a lysine pill, mix with water, and apply to cold sore.

At the onset of a cold sore, apply ice every ten minutes for an hour. 

Nail Polish Remover
Apply nail polish remover with a q-tip several times a day to dry out a cold sore.

Rubbing Alcohol
Apply rubbing alcohol with a q-tip several times a day to dry out a cold sore.

Tea Bag
Place a damp tea bag on the cold sore for five minutes or so a couple times a day until the cold sore scabs over and clears up.
Apply Listerine with a q-tip or cotton ball to dry out a cold sore.

Witch hazel
Apply with a q-tip several times a day.

And the one I wont be trying
Ear wax
It sounds gross, but apparently applying ear wax to a cold sore works wonders...hmmmm

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


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