Monday, June 11, 2018

Whats For Dinner ~ Meal Plan Monday

After another lovely weekend recharging my batteries..Im ready to face another week. I have nothing special planned.. but even doing the simplest things means I have a very full agenda
Food wise... the limiting of red meats is working well. We will have a treat on Sunday as I got a great deal on a few steaks...They work out about $1.25 each.. are about 6oz and fit nicely in the freezer for a few upcoming meals
By the way...I dont include breakfasts and lunches in these plans as they are almost the same everyday. Cereal or oatmeal for breakfast..soup and/or a sandwich for lunch. Hubby has his in work... But at weekends .when we are together I usually cook. Then its a combination of eggs, bacon,sausage etc.
Have a great week...

Weekly Plan - 11th June 2018
Teriyaki Chicken, Vegetable Rice, Steamed Broccoli 

Tuesday              Pork Carnitas, Refried Beans, Pico de Gallo, Tortillas

Wednesday        Cheese and Broccoli Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Baked Potatoes, Salad

Thursday           Eggs scrambled and Onion,Jalapeno,Cheese, Hash Browns, Turkey Sausage 

Barbeque Pulled Pork Rolls

Saturday            Spinach and Mushroom Pizza

Sunday               Grilled steak, Baby Red Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans


  1. Sounds good for every day. The Bennie fixed baked salmon,green beans with little new potato's for us

  2. That's a good looking menu!