Saturday, June 23, 2018

Superb Saturday....

Oh boy!.. What a full day..and I enjoyed every second. This morning was my first time in the Quilting Club.. making quilts for the newborn..elderly...and to be quite honest..anyone who needs one for comfort.
All that lovely fabric. Fabric is my candy! They were a great bunch of people..and I learned so much..and I think I have a new passion. I always thought quilting was complicated but even the most simple to make are so pretty.. I'm going to give it a go at home
Then Hubby and I did a little bit of grocery shopping and went for a lunch at our favourite Mexican restaurant. Absolutely delicious and so filling I didnt want to eat for the rest of the day
And to end the day we went to watch the Angels play in Anaheim. They were holding their Christmas in June Toy Drive 
The toys collected will be given to children from local nonprofit organizations during the Kids Holiday Party in December 
We had great seats...
plus we got to see Santa throw the first ball...
 and watch his reindeer eat the grass..

and were treated to an amazing firework display.
Cant wait for the real Christmas in December

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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