Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Up and Down Days

Well the last few days have been a bit up and down... in more ways than one..but at least I havent been feeling poorly. The wonderful sun tan...ok burn... is still a bit red and very peely. So attractive!! Oh to be a luscious golden brown. I cant believe that my doctor took one look at me last week and burst out laughing....well at least he didnt tell me off. At least the pain in my feet has gone and they no longer look like two swollen pieces of meat. I am now back to my skinny "duck feet" as hubby likes to call them

My weight is fluctuating up and down...a couple of lbs up...a couple of lb down. At the moment its up...probably because I have been sitting around so much with the swollen feet. You would think that having a mouth full of ulcers and cold sores would mean I eat less. Wrong! I can get around that easily 😉 Im surprised I havent put on loads of weight. The steroids they are pumping into me make me so hungry... and make me so bloated...especially around my face and neck. I hate looking in the mirror right now..round face.. hardly any hair..spotty scalp...cold sores... and 10 eyebrow hairs! Yes I counted them 

One great thing that has happened though is I have most of the feeling back in my finger tips so I have started stitching again..maybe not good enough for my Etsy shop...yet...but its a good start..yay!

So we are into the start of another chemo week. Blood tests yesterday... a meeting with the oncologist Dr Phan this afternoon.. and then chemo on Thursday with a new drug. I wonder what side effects I will get with that? 

Whatever happens... I will get through it. And hey! Its number four...so only two more to go. We are getting there 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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