Friday, July 14, 2017

The New Drug

So the chemo went well. Because there was no pain with the new also went faster.. 4 hours instead of six which was brilliant
This new chemo meds have a few side effects though. They include a drop in my immune Im more susceptible to infection. So I came home with meds stuck to my stomach in an automatic medicine injection device . A needle will automatically inject me with the meds at about 3 oclock this afternoon then and will just fall off. I had one injection at the hospital and it was painless.. just made me jump when it happened.

The sores on my mouth will likely get worse due to the immune system lowering..I will get very tired....the extra steroids they are giving me will make me hungry and bloated...which has started already...Im hating the mirror right now. 

My bones will ache to varying degrees...but Ibuprofen should ease it but if it gets too bad they gave me morphine based pills
The port area was very sore last night after it took five attempts to get the chemo needle in.The nurse just couldnt find it...and she tried and tried. She called the head nurse over and she told her to stop and she rushed out and came back with an ice pack. She placed it over the area for a few minutes then went straight in with the needle. Nurse Sue is the best.
It bled quite badly when the needle was removed after the treatment. When I removed the dressing to clean it last night... I could see what had happened. The young nurse had been putting the needle in the wrong place. She was going too low instead of going through the scar. She said it was the surgeons fault....Sigh!!
But who am I to complain when you sit by a guy the same age as you who has cancer in his esophagus and has gone from 175 lb to 116 lb cos he cant keep anything down...not even liquids. He spent the whole time vomiting cos he was trying to eat a chopped up pasta salad and a diet coke. It kinda makes mine seem like nothing...poor guy.

So four down...two to go...Theres light beginning to shine at the end of that tunnel

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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