Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Hope....

So...the people of the US are voting..and by the time I wake in the morning...there will be a new president of the United States. I have dont have a vote so during the whole process I have kept quiet..and this is the first and last time I will mention it. Keep in mind this is not a political statement..its just my opinion and not meant to upset anyone..its just how I feel

Im a British immigrant who now lives in the US. I fell in love with a kind, hard working God loving man...who asked me to marry him. I waited a year to come here. During that time...every aspect of my life was looked into..my family..my finances... my future husbands family..and his finances.. Even my dead parents were investigated!!  I had to pay for an investigation to see if had any terrorist affiliation..and my criminal record was looked into which cost a lot of money..even tho I knew I didnt have one. 

I had to have a medical in London where I was probed and prodded....heck..even after answering all their questions about menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth...I still had to prove I was a real woman!
My husband to be  had to prove that he could look after me financially and had to provide 5 years bank and tax statements. I had to sign forms that said I would not be a drain on the US and pay my own way.

We had to pay every penny of the process ourselves. Total cost.. with forms..investigations..trips to and from London.. medicals and flights...over 5,000 pounds not dollars. I worked 12 hours a day, six days a week, doing every dirty aspect of my job you can imagine. MrD worked just as hard. We asked for nothing...and expected no handouts. And we still dont.

Am I complaining?? No!!

Right now,...over 530 illegal immigrants and refugees get into the US every day...thats over 3,500 a week..every week. They have no papers..they are not investigated..we dont know who they are. ISIS have bragged that their soldiers are amongst them...and the FBI have said they have evidence that this is true. While these people seem to get all the help in the world..which is the Christian thing do do....over 500,000 people sleep on the streets and beg for food. This includes 50,000 veterans, the elderly and  whole families...with a quarter of the entire total being children. I see this every day and it breaks my heart. This is the USA in 2016!! 

Yes, everyone is welcome to America... Who wouldnt want to come here. It is the greatest country in the world and I count my blessings every day that I am here. But, people should come in legally, ready to abide by the laws of this great country. Every person who enters this country should be screened. I know that in refugee cases its hard..but is it worth sacrificing one American life? Its a scary thought that you dont know who you are sitting by on the bus!. 

Seriously...we all have doormats that say Welcome...but for your own safety...you wouldnt let someone into your home without knowing who they are first

I hope whoever wins tonight will keep their promises and start putting the American people first 

I hope whoever wins tonight will start thinking more about our safety, than being p.c
I hope whoever wins tonight will care more about its citizens. In 21st century America...no child should go hungry!

I hope whoever wins tonight will look after our veterans to whom we owe so much

And I hope whoever wins tonight will remember that first and foremost .. "In God We Trust" and put Him back where he belongs

Whoever wins tonight..Republican or Democrat...I hope we will put the past behind us, put all differences aside and work together to make this country  a safer, happier, prosperous and Godly place to live

God Bless America

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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