Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Festive Bedroom....

Well...I almost made it to Dec 1st...but I gave in and the Christmas decorating has begun.

I usually start with the living room ...but this year MrD has decided to have a real tree and we have to wait til the weekend to get it...so I started with the bedroom

I love the colours of my quilt... 

and Teddy the Talking Teddy looks quite at home reading the 'The Night Before Christmas' 

I decorated the bedhead with a garland I got from the discount store for $1...
and glued on some little pinecones

I added some  little decorations.....

that I bought in the sales last January for 40 cents each

A few more touches around the room... and it feels really Christmasy. 

Perhaps we should sleep in the Living room so it keeps looking this way... 

Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x

1 comment:

  1. dear phoebe,
    your bedroom looks beautiful.i love the little white bird and the teddys.
    hugs regina