Thursday, March 1, 2018

Happy Saint Davids Day

Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus.... Happy Saint Davids Day. Its March already...can you believe it? A couple of years ago..I was taking photos of daffodils... today..not a daffi in sight...just roses. Its an exciting month for me. A few more days and I will be on my way to the UK. Three years have gone by fast.. but I am so looking forward to seeing family and friends.. and visiting my beautiful Wales

Of course..its super exciting to be there to welcome my grand daughter into the world. Shes already causing problems. Her due date is March 14th... but on a previous doctors appointment my daughter was told Little Bean... although perfect and healthy was a little small...possibly because she wasnt getting nutrients from the placenta. So..the decision was made to induce her on Feb 27. I was bitterly disappointed to miss the birth.. but it was a consolation that she would be born on my dads birthday. Dad would have been so fiercely proud of his great grand children as he was about his grandchildren. Wonderful man! But.. at the last minute the decision was Little Bean seemed to have a growth spurt.. and now we are back to March 14th again. Little Minx!
In the meantime.. Im cooking for the freezer and getting the house spotless so hubby can have an easy time while Im away. Its a shame he cant come...but as he said..someone has to earn the pennies pay for it Maybe next time. I have lost no weight.and still look bloated.. and bigger than I actually weigh. It will be very difficult for me to have my photo taken,,,but I will be taking loads. My oncologist is totally unconcerned about it.. saying it will take time for my body to readjust. I am still walking everyday..and watching what I eat.. but I seriously need to get a handle on this when I get back from The UK. 
For now. Im just going to enjoy this beautiful spring like weather.. smell the roses..and look forward to the snowy freezing weather waiting for me back home. brrrrrrrr

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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