Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Plan Change... or Two...

Well... I have had my first haircut, colour and eyebrow tidy. ( notice the redness) It's still pretty short in places so she couldnt do much.. but it's so good to have hair again. Not so good to have the chubby cheeks... but... I have ALWAYS had them. 
After a quick change of clothes.. it was off for a drive up the mountains with hubby to see some snow.. just in case it's all gone by I get to the U.K.!
But sometimes....things in life dont go quite as you planned. Our drive to see the snow at Big Bear started off quite well.. not much traffic and lovely views. 
But as we got higher.. we hit freezing fog..and a mile long traffic jam. 
The delay? Mandatory attaching of Snow Chains...which we dont have. Hubby and I just looked at each other..shook our heads.. turned the truck around and headed to the mall for lunch and shopping. 
Nice drive out for a couple of hours...and hubby was relieved not to be cold...wuss!
Another unplanned event will be on Monday. At our last oncologist was happy to leave my porta cath alone til I got back from the Uk. But..hes had a change of mind, So Monday morning... two days before my flight to the Uk.. Im having surgery to have it removed. I dont think its anything major. I just cant heavy lift for 72 hours and should be ok to fly. Nothing will stop me from getting on that plane
Whats the chances that there will still be snow when I land? Keep some for me
Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


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