Thursday, September 21, 2017

Catching Up..

Its been a few days... so I thought I had better check in with you all. Im feeling a lot better... breathing easier.. although I still cant quite fill my lungs to capacity. But still.. MrD and I have decided to risk it and tomorrow afternoon we are going to spend a few hours at the LA County Fair. It will be lots of walking but Im so glad Im not going to miss it
Its been quite a full week so here's a few snippets..
Monday I actually made it to the dentist... the first time since I have been in the US. I was a bit worried as during the chemo I had lots of mouth problems...and only being able to use a soft toothbrush I thought there may be lots of cavities. But... no fillings for me!.In fact she was very pleased with my teeth..and all that was needed was a good scraping of the plaque build up. Going back in a couple of weeks for her to finish the job
Coincidentally... Monday was also National Cheeseburger Day.. so on the way home we stopped at Black Angus and treated ourselves.. Very Big ...and very tasty...but it was straight back to healthy eating on Tuesday..

I had a lovely surprise in the mail... a photo of my grandson... and he drew me a picture too. Im not sure what it is... but he's a child genius so he may be a future Picasso. It sure did make me smile and its now taking 'Pride of Place' on my fridge
I have managed to get out for a couple of walks...not too far.. but its wonderful to to be outside. Autumn/Fall has finally come to California and its lovely to see the season change even if its only with the occasional tree . It still dosnt feel like autumn...with blue skies.. palm trees and its 85 degrees. I've started to decorate our home with pumpkins.. sunflowers and pine cones
I've also got my stitching bug back. I have full feeling back in my fingers..its just my eyesight thats a bit rubbish now... black on black is so hard. I have made some Halloween ones for my Etsy shop. 
So thats it.. its been a good week.. and Im getting myself back on track.. And thats so cool!

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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