Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Heck Of A Year

Well... what a year it has been... and it really has taken its toll. Just look at the difference in the photos.... taken 12 months apart. Thanks to all the steroids and the lack of exercise Im now 45lb up from when I came to the US three years ago. Im very disappointed. I worked so hard to lose all that weight to come here.. pfft
The side effects from the chemo have eased... although I still have a few head sores remaining..and a couple on my legs. I'm not so exhausted and breathless so my walking is better.
So from today.. Im going to start working again and get my health back. The steroids have now stopped so I shouldnt be as hungry and the puffiness should ease
Time to be accountable for my food choices.. walking more... and having my butt kicked if I start to lose motivation.

I would love to lose that 45lb before I meet my new grand baby in March. And with the Lords help I know I will.
Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x

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