Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bye Bye ....

So.. I went to see Dr Phan yesterday. It was a bit late as Tuesdays appointment had to be postponed as I was in hospital... but he also wanted to see if my breathing was better.
We discussed a lot..but the main thing he told me is...
I well and truly kicked its butt!!
It didnt quite hit me til this morning... and I cried... So did MrD. Its been a long haul... and really scary at times... although I never really admitted just how much. I have been stabbed by more needles that I thought I could ever endure. Slept more than I thought I ever needed. And vomited more than I thought humanly possible
But through it all... I never doubted that I would beat it. I had so many people willing and praying for me to win... and I knew the Lord was with me every step. I never once lost Faith. The thought of seeing my kids and grandson again in March... and being there for the birth of my new grandbaby kept me going.
So all that left now are blood tests every three months and the occasional scan to make sure its not coming back. If it tries.. I think it should be very afraid cos its picked the wrong girl!
Unfortunately my breathing isnt yet 100% and Dr Phan fears it still may turn into pneumonia. So this week I have to go for another chest xray and blood tests, But if I can kick cancer this will be a doddle

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Thank you Arlene.. with the Lord beside me I knew I would be ok
    Phoebe x