Tuesday, October 28, 2014

They Said 'Yes'

Well...Im home. I had my visa interview aaand.......I was accepted!!

It went better than I thought. I arrived at Grosvenor Square at 8.30 ready for my interview at 9. There were lots of people in front of me, in two queues and I made sure I was in the right one. Once I got to the front of the queue and my passport and appointment checked, I was sent to join the back of the other queue. At the front of that queue, my passport and paperwork were checked again. I had been there almost an hour and hadn't even got into the building yet.

Security was tight...seeing policemen and embassy guards with big guns was daunting. I had to place my phone, belt and tablet into a plastic bag. We were ushered four at a time into a room. I was searched while my bags went through a scanning machine. 

I was then allowed to walk around the outside of the building and into the reception area, where I was given a number and told to go sit in the waiting area. There must have been around a hundred people sitting waiting. I thought I was going to be there hours. I was really nervous...and couldn't stop my hands from shaking

But suddenly things started moving incredibly fast. No sooner had I sat down, my number was called and I went to one of the many windows where my fingerprints were taken, and various forms checked. I was sent to sit down again to wait for my interview..and I swear no more than two minutes passed and I was called to another window. I answered a few simple questions..and then she handed me my chest x ray which she said I had to take with me to the States and I have to be in the US by December 18th. I asked if that was it?? I was accepted?? And she said yes...enjoy your new life in America. And that was it. I could have cried. 

So my lovely friends...my ticket is booked and on the 19th November I fly to California. Im so happy, and all the stress is totally worth it. My new life is just 21 days away and I can hardly wait.

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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