Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thats My Boy

I have my outfit, I have had my hair cut and two weeks today I will be travelling up to Newcastle for my eldest sons wedding. Not that anyone will be looking at me ...I hope. Its been a long time coming and Im so excited

Im so proud of My Boy. Hes has been through so much and worked so hard to get where he is today. And I could not wish for a better daughter in law. They are so happy. His only sadness is his grandparents, my mum and dad wont be there. But I know they will be looking down on him with pride.


When I was sent these photo proofs, I must admit I shed a tear. Thats ok, lets get them out of the way because I really dont want to be a blubbering fool on the 'Big Day'

So...congratulations Kellie and Jamie. I wish you every happiness in your lives together. I love you both very much

Love and Hugs
Mum x



  1. I do hope you have a memorable time at your son's wedding! With two daughters weddings and a grandson now I see the full circle. It is remarkable that I was able to be a part of it. Life is remarkable!

  2. What wonderful photos! Enjoy the day and wish them the best from me!

  3. Congratulations on this great occasion, may their home be full of happiness, laughter, peace and the pitty patter of tiny blessed feet.