Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch #106

So here we go..another Tuesday, another Chat on the Farmhouse Porch. Three more, and I will be on my 'Big Move'. Its so exciting

Everyday Ruralty
Everyday Ruralty

Here are this weeks questions. 

Do you have any type of air cleaner in your home?
No, but I think we should. I will put it on the 'To Do' list for the new house. I do love fresh air though. Living in Wales, I always had the windows open, even in the winter. And, I'm quite partial to lighting a few scented candles

What do you do with the spare change you accumulate in your car, purse, pockets, etc?
Put it in a little jar, save all year and use it towards Christmas. Every little helps..right?

What's one chore you wish you never had to do again?
I dont mind doing chores, but I guess the one I would like to get rid of, is cleaning the garbage bin..especially in high summer when they are extra smelly and attracting flies

Are you outgoing, quite, shy, reserved, or life of the party?
Until I know you, I am usually quiet and shy. At parties, Im usually the one helping in the kitchen


Have you understood your parents more as you've gotten older?
Yes definately. Although they are both gone now, their wisdom lingers on. Growing up, what I took as strictness, nagging, and saying no, was actually loving, caring and protecting. Im so grateful to them for shaping me  into the woman I am. And their legacy lives on in my children

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


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  1. I really like your answer about your parents. All those things parents do is FOR the children- not against them. You really understand that more when you grow up.