Monday, August 6, 2018

Humming Birds and Haircuts....

Another good day over... with lots of steps..Over 15000 of them at the park this morning.
I love walking there.. but the sun comes up so fast and it gets hot quick. 
I managed to get a quick photo of a hummingbird.. but the squirrel stealing food from some chickens was too darn fast
Tomorrow I’m walking by myself so I won’t be going so far.. Plus.. temps are forecast to reach 100... so it will be home to the a/c as fast as possible
My July weight loss total was a surprising 16lb...and Im pretty chuffed. Its all that walking...Im sure!
And I've had a fab NSV (non Scale Victory)
I had my hair trimmed...only the second time since my hair grew back. Hubby said he liked it and went to pinch my cheek...and he could hardly get a grasp. I hadnt noticed but I have lost a bit of chubbiness there. It wont go completely as its a family trait ( plus they make you look younger as they push out the wrinkles). Im so happy to be getting shape back in my face again..but I still hate having my pic taken
Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

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