Thursday, July 26, 2018

Still Waiting....

Not as many steps today compared to the last two where I have hit the 20,000 mark. No walking partner so I started later and walked in ‘safe’ areas. It got hot really fast. Still.. 15000 is pretty good and with my daily cals way under my limit.. I’m on track
The visit to the oncologist went well. Everything looks good and he suggested I leave my body scan til early next year.. so I’m pleased. He was impressed with my weight loss.. even tho it’s not that much.. but wait til Isee you in three months Dr will be “gob smacked” 

And finally... no sign of my grandson yet.. he really is too comfortable.. Its going to be a long night.
Stay strong MissV... you can do this!

Lots of Love 
Phoebe xx

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