Thursday, June 9, 2016

What A Day!!

So..what a morning..I got up at the usual 2.30 to get hubby off to work, but my face seemed very hot.I looked in the mirror...and wow...beetroot red.

Last night..I used a facial scrub..a new moisturizer...and applied some well known blemish cream (yes at 53 Im still getting teenage spots). Well it seemed they had a bit of a reaction and I was looking like a tomato. I hoped it would calm down a bit, but by the time I went out for my walk I had to cover with a bit of make up....hoping people would think I was getting a tan. I shouldnt have worried...I actually wore some knee length shorts..yes me! 

Now..I have walked a heck of a lot over the last couple of years...and my legs have become extremely skinny..and they have been hidden under long trousers for 30 years. So all eyes were on the two bottles of milk...and pair of duck feet protruding from the baggy shorts... which were supposed to be skinny fit! It was quite a sunny day..and I had been listening to all the experts who tell you to drink your being a good girl..I have been..Lots of it. 2 miles from home..I suddenly needed the loo..but of course.. no sign of a public convenience anywhere!! Suffice to say..the two mile walk home was completed in record time. What on earth do you ladies who walk miles do because I always see you drinking your water... Answers on a post card..... And after all that..the worst bit is..the face creams didnt work..Nice walk tho and got my steps done...


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