Monday, February 24, 2014

Meal Plan Monday week down in my six week college course, and I'm loving it. Its a lot of work, with homework every night, so again, this week, everything for dinner will be out of the freezer. Dividing my recipes into two and freezing one has really paid off.
Have a great week everyone

Weekly Plan - 24 February 2014

Monday               Cauliflower cheese, Crusty Bread

Tuesday               Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki, Vegetable Rice

Wednesday         Shepherds Pie, Green Beans

Thursday             Million Dollar Spaghetti, Green Salad

Friday                  Homemade Tuna Fishcakes, Potato Wedges, Sweetcorn

Saturday              Taco Beef Burgers, Oven Fries 

Sunday                Roast Chicken, Dry Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Broccoli


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  1. I am very interested to know how you make/ or the ingred. for your Shep. Pie. I have read so many diff. varieties..I make mine with hamburger, a veg, tomato sauce, mashed pot. and cheese.