Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch #99

Here we are again ladies. Another Tuesday and another visit to Patrice at Everyday Ruralty and her Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Everyday Ruralty
Everyday Ruralty

Here are this weeks questions...and my answers

1. Do you enjoy grocery shopping?
Actually I enjoy all parts of grocery shopping...the menu planning, list making, budgeting, the shopping, and putting it away....and the coffee and cake break halfway through...

2. Are you following any particular news stories?
The illness of ex President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela is in the forefront of my mind at the moment. This elder statesman spent 67 years as a human rights lawyer, a prisoner, a peacemaker and a democratically elected president. He helped bring about freedom and democracy in a country riddled with racism, sexism and poverty. My thoughts and prayers are with him , and his family

3. How do you feel about all of the technology we have today? Is it too much, just right, or not enough?
I don't mind technology at all...I just wish I understood it better

4. On a scale of 1-10(1 being the least) how much do you worry?
I should think about a four. I try not to worry, but when you have children, you cant help it. I tend to feel that a lot of things are taken out of our hands. To worry takes away precious time from thinking of a solution. I put an awful lot of trust in the Lord and take my worries to Him. I know He will always be there for me and help me through any situation

5. Without any of your responsibilities or concern with how you would accomplish this, what would your three dream jobs be?
Hmmm...interesting question..I think mine would be :
1. Genealogist...I'm absolutely addicted to tracing my family tree....and others
2. Shoe Model for Jimmy long as I can keep the shoes
3. Chief Taster at Ben and Jerry' that's a dream job

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x



  1. OOH...OHH! Can I do the shoe modeling gig with you?! Then after a long hard day at shoe modeling work we can get to our second job...EATING ICECREAM!!!! Yummy! Have a blessed week :O)

  2. Hahaha Love your job choices.

  3. Oh yeah, taste tester for ice cream....yeah I could do that. :)

  4. I like your dream jobs. Pass the ice ream, please.

  5. Ben and Jerry's taster, now that's a fun job!