Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Where Do I Begin.....

Hi. Welcome to my blog. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a nice cup of tea and make yourself comfortable. Let me tell you all little about myself and why I am here.

I love reading other people's blogs. I have learned so much, and am always inspired by the words that are written. Its a great way to connect with other people, share their highs and lows, and relate with other homemakers out there. 

Phoebe's World is something I have wanted to start for quite awhile now. I am jumping in at the deep end as I am a total novice and am learning as I go. My main aim is to share the aspects of my daily life with you, my homemaking interests, the struggles I have and the many blessings. I would also like to share some of the things that I love and inspire me, whether it is a beautiful photograph, a touching piece of music, a mouth watering recipe or a heart warming quote.

I am a mother to three wonderful children, all, but one, of whom have left the nest. After surviving a very traumatic marriage, I live at my cottage, on top of a hill with my nineteen year old daughter. I am a very proud nana to my beautiful new grandson.   
Im an old fashioned girl at heart and try to keep an organized, cosy and simplified home. I like to think I am thrifty and love scouring charity shops, car boots sales and yard sales in the hope of finding a bargain.
I love my family, friends and my Heavenly Father very much, as they all have blessed me with so much.
I love to cook and bake. I am always on the look out for new recipes to try.
I love gardening. Watching beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables growing from a little seed is absolutely amazing.
I love books, all books. I have so many, but I am always on the look out for more.
I love music, any music, and it fills my home from morning til night. It helps to make the housework more enjoyable, even if my singing is a little off key.
I also love all things vintage, the colour pink, long walks, the ocean, butterflies, laughter, old movies, ice cream, snuggles, and so much more

I hope you will enjoy reading my little blog and will come back and visit soon. Please leave a comment, I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you .

Love and Hugs

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