Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Nightmare Journey ~ Part Two

I hope I didnt bore you too much with my London Adventure yesterday. Here's part two of my story
So… I travelled on a very packed tube and got off at Green Park as instructed. I didn’t know which exit to take so I guessed. But when I emerged I was completely flummoxed which way to go. There were lots of people around but I thought the best bet was to get out of the park to a road. I coudnt see any markings on the street .. so asked a very nice tour bus guide how to get a taxi. He walked straight into the middle of busy traffic and hailed me a cab. Thanks man!
I told the lady taxi driver that I needed to go to the London Embassy at Grosvenor Square. She looked a bit puzzled but she dropped me off at a security hut. I asked the guard which way to get in.. and he said “You cant… its all closed up… they moved” What??? Nooo!!
They gave me the new address of the new Embassy building...right across London..and I rushed off to find another taxi, I had no idea where this new Embassy was. luckily the third taxi I hailed stopped. he driver said he knew where it was.. but with busy traffic and road works it would take a while. I should just sit back and relax. Seriously? By this time my stress levels were through the roof but I was optimistic that as soon as I got to the Embassy everything would be sorted
Thirty quid later.. the driver dropped me off at the new US Embassy.. at the wrong door..and I had to walk round to the other side of the building. There were two armed policemen and I asked for help. They banged on the door and a young guy opened it.. but barred my way so I couldnt get in. I explained the situation and he told me that you cant just turn up you have to make an appointment. I asked for a phone number and was told that it has to be done by email!! I could see the guy behind him was on a laptop.. an asked if he could make an appointment for me.. as I was alone..had no access to a computer..and also no wifi on my phone. Again he refused...and quite frankly...I could tell he didnt care a jot! He pointed to a tall building in the distance.. he told me to head in that direction..there was a Starbucks.. and use their wifi. And with that he closed the door.
I was hot..tired ..and frustrated. But.. off I galloped hoping against the odds that I still had time to get things sorted. It took me twenty minutes to find Starbucks... and it was closed for refurbishment. I felt utterly defeated. My plane had left..it was getting on for 5 oclock..and the Embassy was closing, Now what would I do? I needed to get my mind straight.. I needed to find somewhere with wifi.
I was woman... alone in London... with dwindling funds. The enormity of the situation was starting to hit me. I needed help
I stopped a complete stranger and asked if there was anywhere that had free wifi.. and she pointed to the tube station. So off I scurried and went up to one of its workers, briefly told my tale and asked which of the many networks appearing on my phone was theirs. He asked if he could try and I handed him my phone. He started do it..then he stopped and said "Look... Im sure you could do with a coffee. If you go up those stairs there.. turn left.. and right in front of you is a 'Pret a Manger' Grab yourself a drink and take a few minutes," I was so grateful. That was the first bit of kindness anyone had shown me for hours.
So thats what I did. I grabbed a cappuccino, found a table, joined their wifi.. took a deep breath..started to calm down... and let the little grey cells start to work........

If you can stand it...final part tomorrow..

Love and Hugs 
Phoebe x

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