Friday, December 1, 2017

Some of My Favourite Things

Its the first day of favourite month of the year. The weather is a bit chilly in the mornings now... a blessed relief from the months of California heat. It was 52 degrees when I left on my walk early this morning.. although not as cold as some places..I know
As its my favourite month..I thought I would join Susanne at  Living to Tell the Story and share five of my favourite things from this week... 
Mum and Dad

Its a bitter sweet time of year for me... and I have been thinking of this pair a lot this last week. I lost both mum and dad in the run up to Christmas just two years apart. But, they both loved the festive season and always made it so special for us... and I try to do the same for my family. Knowing where they are.. who they are with.. and that they are together and happy brings me much comfort. I miss  them a lot... and am very blessed to have two such wonderful parents. 

Christmas Lights

I just adore Christmas Decorations...especially Christmas Lights.. They make me so warm and fuzzy inside...and like a kid again. Hubby had to have more dental work yesterday..and as we we going in I spied a little house across the street... It was so pretty and I loved the way they had decorated it. When we came out it was dark so they had their lights on. It was beautiful with or without the lights on. I just love looking at the way people decorate their houses and getting inspiration.. And its also good to be reminded just who IS the original Light of the World

Sammy's Back!

I'm still trying to get all the decorations done by Sunday... especially the tree. But... Sammy is back in his place in the middle of the tree... for the 19th all's right with the world Hes looking good for an old guy. I can still remember the day my little girl brought him home from school.. and now shes expecting her own little girl. How time flies!

Bye, Bye Pumpkin Spice

I have a new favourite drink... MacDonalds Peppermint Mocha. But at 300 cals its a bit steep.. so I have been making my own using the Coffee Mate creamer. Its a very passable substitute....and only 35 cals. Now the only problem is tryng not to drink ten cups a day. Its beginning to taste a lot like Christmas...

Christmas Flowers

I never cease to wonder how beautiful the world is. Heavenly Father has an amazing colour palette which he uses exceptionally well this time of year. I just love poinsettia's..  they are so synonymous for Christmas. The shape of the poinsettia flower and leaves are sometimes thought as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem which led the Wise Men to Jesus. The red colored leaves symbolize the blood of Christ. The white leaves represent his purity. There hasnt been a Christmas where I havent had at least one in the house.

So thats my Favourite Five for this week. I enjoyed doing it. Now to get back to that tree.. oh how I miss my daughter helping me!

Have a Blessed Day

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. Lovely photos of your parents. Also a great pic of that cute cottage decorated for Christmas. If it wasn't for the car in the driveway it would be fit to be on a calendar page. For December, of course.
    My granddaughter came by yesterday and brought me a red Poinsettia. I also have a white one but it's an artificial one.
    My youngest son keeps raving about Gingerbread Lattes so I'm going to ask him to bring me one. Hopefully it won't have 300 calories!

    1. What a coincidence GM.. my daughter in the Uk sends a photo of her Gingerbread Latte everyday... I really want to try one x

  2. I love Christmastime too. Such a meaningful time of year. I haven't really started decorating much although we the candles in our windows. I need to pick up some advent candles for my wreath tomorrow as Advent starts on Sunday.

    I still have the old hand-made ornaments from my children too. No "theme" Christmas trees in this house :)

    I wonder if we have that Coffee Mate creamer up here? It looks yummy

    Hope you have a lovely week Phoebe!

    1. I tried to keep everything my children made at Christmas time... but after 20 years only Sammy seems to be the hardiest..its such a shame.
      Im decorating now Kathie... but no lights will be switched on til Sunday. I think that for me its when Christmas officially starts x

  3. Both of my parents passed away in December, too, though several years apart from each other. It was especially sad the first year after my mom passed away, but I believe they're both with the Lord, and that makes all the difference. For some of my siblings, their loss casts a pall over the whole season, but I try to think how my mom would want us to celebrate - she'd want to be remembered, sure, but she'd want us to enjoy the season with our families, too.

    I love how that house is decorated! I haven't seen garlands used quite that way outside before. So pretty.

    We have a few ornaments like that, too, that we've had for years. That's my favorite part of Christmas decorating - putting out and reminiscing over them.

    1. Its very hard isnt it Barbara..but like you.. my parents would not have wanted us to be sad. I know mum particularly would be annoyed if we didnt celebrate the season.. After all...they are now in the best place to celebrate the most x

  4. I love your favorites Phoebe. I may steal this idea!! We were driving into our neighborhood last nigh at dusk and the lights were so pretty.

    1. Please help yourself Arlene. I love to read what you write x

  5. The little house is beautiful. I enjoyed reading your fave fives!

  6. I love Christmas lights too! We are putting some up this year!

  7. Such a precious post. I love the ornament from your daughter and I know you are so excited to meet your granddaughter! Lovely photos of your parents. My parents passed away near Christmas too plus their birthdays were near Christmas. That is the cutest Christmas cottage! I wish you a nice Sunday.

  8. Hi Phoebe, I popped over from FFF. Yes, I'm late and no I didn't post mine this week but I wanted to read others' FFF to be encouraged.
    You live in Norwalk! My hubby lived there growing up. After many other places, we now live in Camarillo. So we are 'almost' neighbors in SoCal point of view :)
    Love your decorations!