Friday, November 27, 2015


We had a lovely Thanksgiving
Just me and him.
But we got to skype family and friends
and had a long talk with mum in law on the telephone

The turkey went in the oven early...
covered in bacon...just like my mum used to do it

Dinner was delicious...
we will be living on leftovers for quite a few days
and the turkey wasnt the only thing that was stuffed!

Too full for Pumpkin  Pie??
Heck no...
but we waited and hour...

 Now to start planning for Christmas........

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


  1. {{smiles}} Bacon on Turkey? Really??? Now, that is something new, my friend. I am so glad your first Thanksgiving here was nice....Blessings

  2. Everything looks so pretty. Bacon on turkey is something I have never heard of. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving as I know this is new to you. I do think Thanksgiving is one of our most wonderful holidays. They haven't been able to make it commercial. Time to be thankful with friends and family.

  3. I've never heard of bacon on turkey but I'm certainly going to try it... sounds delicious! Your dinner looks tasty, I know what you mean about leftovers!

  4. Thank you ladies..Bacon on the turkey was a tradition in our family growing up in Wales...I think its done to keep the fresh bird moist and give it a bit more flavour... It certainly worked. I keep a lot of little family traditions the bacon on the turkey..even though in this day and age...its probably not needed so much x

  5. Aren't leftovers wonderful? No need to think up meals for days. That's a blessing in itself. Your turkey looks good. My son did the bacon draped over the turkey one year but we didn't notice much difference ( but enjoyed the bacon anyway).

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit and leaving a nice comment. We celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada way back in October so pictures of turkey have me craving it again and I've not see strips of bacon draped over the bird before.
    I see above you explained why you do this and I can imagine the flavour combination would be delicious.

  7. I'm so happy you were able to spend the holiday together; those wonderful memories are warmth against the cold.

  8. Everything looks delicious. Enjoy the leftovers!