Saturday, April 5, 2014

And This Is Me.....

A couple of months ago I told you I was trying to lose weight for my wedding later this year...and to feel healthier. 

I have been overweight most of my life, but had no idea how bad it had got. I just avoided looking in the mirror to much and started buying bigger and bigger clothes. I ignored the aches and pains I was getting and put it down to getting older.

Then, on my return from my visit to Mr D in California at the beginning of December, I looked carefully at the very few photos of myself (I tend to avoid the camera too). Mr D looked so gorgeous..but me I looked awful. I was shocked..and I cried. What had I done to myself?

But, self pity does no good, and only I could do something about it. No one made me is all down to me...and I determined to start doing things right. I owed it to me...and to Mr D, who loves me no matter what and who I want to spend a very long and happy life with.

I immediately started eating healthier, weighing everything, counting every calorie. I went to the doctor and got her to refer me to the gym. And I started to walk. I walk everywhere and slacking. Plus I have a very physical job. And the weight has been dropping off 

I have a long way to go..but I now feel confident enough to share a couple of photos with you

The picture that made me say 'Enough is Enough' taken November 2013
Notice the fake smile

Last Saturday..4 months and an incredible 66lb down
...and the smile is genuine

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x



  1. Phoebe, no matter what..your beautiful. Congrats on the weight loss. Like you, I have struggled for many yrs and from my teens until I was 29, I was anorexic. All my life, my family told me how fat I was..well..never your Mr. D., my husband could careless and loves me uncondtional. Blessings

  2. Regardless of your weight, you a beautiful woman with a wonderful heart and you are really blessed to have people who loves you unreservedly, like Mr. D.

    I'm on the sideline cheering you on towards your goal. It really takes a lot of determination and willpower to embark on a weightloss journey but you can do it. And you will.