Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch ~ 80

Im popping over to see Patrice at Everyday Ruralty for our weekly chat. Fancy coming too?

Everyday Ruralty
Everyday Ruralty
Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?
Not this year...but I wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day

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When you attend something that isn't totally casual, are you likely to wear dress pants or a dress?
Over the last few years, I have tended to wear dress pants. I feel more comfortable.

Considerations about dress pants for tall women, foto № 1

Do you use a regular toothbrush or one of the battery run kind?
Just a regular one...I use it a couple of times a day..and it does a good job

Did you have valentines in school when you were a child?
Of course....Lots!!!!. When I was in scchool, when Valentines cards that were sent they were always anonymous. From about the age of nine..I always got one through the post ...signed Guess Who? ..with kisses. It was the same hand writing every year. And it really made a girl feel good......Thank you Dad xx

 Kids with Valentine's Day Flowers

If you could learn a new craft tomorrow, what would it be?
Definately Patchwork. I have seen so many beautiful quillts, I would love to make one myself

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x


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