Friday 31 March 2023

Pigs Galore.. or Maybe Just Three...

This week Little Miss has been working on a competition entry for school
There was no theme..just a piece of art of your choice
And boy was she determined to do her choice.. The Three Little Pigs
Any advice or help offered by Mummy or Nana was considered..
and either accepted or resoundly dismissed
This was all her work
and I love her pigs

It turned out pretty good....
And she was the well deserved winner in her class

Well done Little Miss!

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Tuesday 28 March 2023


While we were away... the potatoes we had planted have sprouted nicely
I'm itching to get into the garden to get my other veggies planted..
but its still a tad early with rain and some low temperatures over the next few days
This time last year I remember it was already very warm and we were having barbeques 
Still.. it gives me time to start a 'few' more seeds

Can you ever have too many?

 Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Monday 27 March 2023

Whats For Dinner~ Meal Plan Monday

Well Im back...and we had an absolutely amazing time. It went too fast tho as we packed so much in. We are exhausted and had to rest over the weekend and get back to normal life. It didnt end quite as I expected as I became ill with a bad ear and throat infection.. and on the last day had to see a doctor who gave me sme strong antibiotics... but here's a tip. Never Fly with and Ear Infection!! It was the most painful eleven hours of my life (ok maybe cancer and childbirth hurt a bit more) but boy! Plus... I lost hearing in both ears. It has returned slightly but everything is still very muffled. Apparently this is common and should return in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

I tried to post our adventures when we were away.. but my little tablet wouldnt let me add photos (I should have taken my laptop) So I will spend the next few days adding to my already written posts. So please expect an influx

So this week the veggie garden is being planted.. I want to make a new apron... start accomodation for a couple of ladies to come live in our garden and we are planning on revamping the living room wih a fresh coat of paint..etc

It was wonderful spending time with our amazing family.. and we miss them.. but.. its good to be home

Here's this weeks dinner menu

Weekly Plan - 27th March 2023

Monday               Beef and Vegetable Casserole, Baked Potato

Tuesday               Jerk Chicken and Rice

Wednesday         Roast Chicken and stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts. Carrots

Thursday             Shrimp Alfredo

Friday                  Pizza Night

Saturday              Turkey Burgers

Sunday                 Leftovers

Sunday 12 March 2023

When Nana Met Little Mr and Sophia...

We left London bright and early... it was cold...
but I wasnt expecting all the snow as we arrived in Newcastle
It was quite chaotic when we arrived at Little Miss's Birthday Bash... so no one actually filmed the moment the grandchildren saw us..which was a shame. Little Miss was surprised and excited...Little Mr was horrified ...and couldnt comprehend that we were real.  
Little Miss was having a wonderful party and with so many children and the noise we wernt really able to catch up until later when we all went to Pizza Hut for Lunch
And of course get my first real cuddles with our Little Tufty... 
so called because of her beautiful 'tufty' hair

Grandpa is quite besotted too
It was quite an emotional time seeing everyone and meeting our grandchildren
Little Mr is such a happy boy and Im sure over the next couple of weeks he will get to know us and understand we are his Nana and Gaga..and not just faces on a screen
It will help as we are staying with MrJ, LadyV and Little Mr at their homein a pretty little village. Just look at the view from the front window. 
Its so good being back in the Uk

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Saturday 11 March 2023

London Calling...

A very busy day in London..
It started with a real British breakfast at the hotel
Then it was back onto the pods for a trip into Heathrow 
where we caught the underground into the city

The next two hours were spent on top of an open top bus....
absolutely freezing cold.. but really the only way to see all the sites in just one day
This included...
The Houses of Parliment...
which we timed perfectly to hear Big Ben strike midday
Nelsons Colomn
A Household Cavalry Life Guard outside the Horse Guard Building in Whitehall
The London Eye
St Pauls Cathedral
Tower Bridge over the River Thames
Cleopatras Needle on the Embankment
The Tower of London.. where the crown jewels are usually kept..
but have been removed ready for the coronation
Big Ben.. with Westminater Abbey behind
A lone piper plays..
Westminster Abbey with a statue of Oliver Cromwell
The Wellington Arch in Hyde Park ..
Where Queen Elizabeths coffin was tranfered to the hearse after the procession from the Abbey

After the tour we defrosted with a quick coffee and a walk around a few shops before catching the tube back to the hotel to get ready for the evening meal
We met up with my cousin Chris and her husband Reg who live in London. I havent seen her for over 35 years when shewas a little girl. When she found out we were going to be in London, they booked into the hotel for the night and we had a lovley catchup. The are a wonderful couple and we had great fun... 
Hubby tried the Chicken Tikka.. 
and I tried the Steak and Ale Pie.. Delicious

Now we are in bed as we have an early start in the morning. We are checking out at 4am to catch a flight to Newcastle to see the kids and grandkids...and meet our new granddaughter...

So excited! 

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Friday 10 March 2023

Welcome to England MrD...

  Well... we left LAX an eon ago and have arrived at our London hotel...stiff.. tired and ready for a good nights sleep.

Of course the flight didn’t go quite as planned.. I mean .. what to you expect.. it’s us!

The seats we reserved were given to someone else...and there was nothing we could do ..even with a payment receipt. Our new seats meant we weren’t even sitting together... but the check in clerk said to have a word with the attendant at the gate one hour before the flight and sent us to gate 155. So  two hours later... we went to the said attendant... and it was a good thing we did... as we were waiting to board a flight to Lima, Peru. There had been a mix up on the board...the gate number had changed and the flight was delayed. I mean.... who else has trouble understanding announcements over a tannoy!

But they did their best and got us seats together in the middle of a row of four...which was ok except the nice gentleman next to me liked to spread himself out a bit so it was a bit of a squash! But the upside was MrDs motion sickness patches worked a treat..and he slept most of the way.. and didn’t even feel the severe turbulence. 
From there everything has gone smoothly. We caught the free Heathrow Express to terminal five.. where we jumped into an unmanned pod which took us straight to our hotel... very space age!!
The room is comfy... and being too tired to go out to eat.. we grabbed a Macdonalds from across the street.. made a proper cup of tea... and shortly we will be asleep...
A day seeing the London landmarks is planned for tomorrow with a meet up with my cousin and her hubby for dinner...

Welcome to England MrD!

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x

Thursday 9 March 2023


So we are in the car on the way to the airport...our lovely friend is taking us. But she wanted to make a quick stop for lunch...and seeing as we have plenty of time...why not. 
She took us to her favourite sandwich shop... 'Philippes' which must be really good as there was a really really long line. I've never had a dipped sandwich but I was willing to try.
There was plenty of I went for a single dipped roast beef with a potato salad side
Verdict... well it was tasty.. but the bread was a bit dry..and soggy at the same time. And the potato salad was a bit strange. It was ok..and I dont know if Im a fan... but it was filling.

But onto the airport.. and this was a good start to our adventure

Love and Hugs
Phoebe x